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Nataliya Rey


Introducing: modern wealth creation 💰 

Thanks to the internet and today's tools and technologies,
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Hi, I'm Nataliya 👋

Hi, I'm Nataliya 👋

A while back I decided to quit the 9-5 job that wasn't making me happy, and start my own, tiny online services business:

Building websites for small business owners.

I had no money, no help, and absolutely no idea how to build websites 😂

Today, that tiny online business has grown, and allows me to live my version of a dream life:

👩‍💻  I can work from anywhere — as I work from my laptop

✈️  I can travel anytime — as I don't have an office

💰  I earn a highly lucrative, multiple six-figure income

...all while doing what I love most, being my own boss, and living life on my own terms.