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You are now reading ‘Part 1’ of 2 in this series about ‘The Answer’.

The book is made out of 2 parts:

  • Part 1 – Is all about personal mastery.
    It explains how to use”the universal law of attraction” and our brains, in order to get anything we want. You are reading this part now.
  • Part 2 – is all about business mastery.
    It explains the life cycle of a business, and the key elements you need to understand in order to make your business grow and succeed. Click here to read part 2.


Is the law of attraction real, or simply good marketing? A legitimate physical principle… or woo-woo BS?

How does it work? And how can you and me actually use it, to get what we want outta life?

And also –

What’s up with our brain? I mean – we all know it’s powerful and all… But how can we actually use it – to get what we want outta life?

These are the main questions answered in the first half of one of my favorite books – The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith.

What is the first half of this book about, anyway?

The first half of this book is all about showing you how to re-wire your brain for success.

100% science. 0% woo-woo.

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When you think about it – We all want to achieve stuff in our lives:

Whether it’s more money, a successful business, a loving relationship, or a killer figure.

But then – weeks, months, and years go by… and most of us are still in that place of “wishing” things will change… only they never do.

This book will show you why this is happening, and how to re-program our brains to actually help us achieve what we want in life.

The #1 A-Ha moment I’ve had from this book

After reading this book – I finally realized why some of the things I’ve always wanted or wished for – never actually happened, no matter how much I wanted them.

It’s time to understand how your brain really works.

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Our brain is the most powerful and incredible machine that was ever created.

there is literally nothing you can’t do – once you’ve set your mind to it.

The problem is –

Our brain didn’t exactly come with an instructional manual.

And so – most of us are misusing this incredible tool, unknowingly causing it to work against us, instead of for us.

Understanding how my brain really works literally blew my mind. I was looking at this thing totally wrong!

Check this out:

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Overall – our brain is made out of 2 different parts:

The conscious mind, and the un-conscious mind.

Understanding the difference between those two, and which job each of them was meant to do will allow you to achieve anything you want.

The conscious mind

This is the part of us that distinct us from the other animals on plant earth.

It’s located at the front of your head, and is responsible for our ability to evaluate situations, plan ahead, think logically, and make smart decisions.

This is the part of our brain where we can figure out and decide what we really want, and set goals that will help us achieve it.

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The problem is…

that even though our conscious mind is a powerful strategist… it’s not very useful when it comes to getting things done, and only controls 2%-4% of our behavior.

You can think about him as the captain of your ship, who tells the sailors where they need to sail.

But in order for your ship to actually leave the port and sail – you need the crew to actually do all the stuff that needs to be done in order to make your ship sail.

The rest of your actions and behavior patterns – 96%-98% of them to be exact – are controlled by the other guy living in our head – the unconscious mind.

The Un-Conscious mind

If the conscious mind is the guy who helps you decide what you want, and what you need to do in order to get there… –

The UN-Conscious mind is the guy who will help you get the job done, or in other words – actually do what you have to do in order to make sure you reach your goals, and get what you want.

Setting goals – is the job of the conscious mind.
Achieving them – is the job of the un-conscious mind.

How does it do that?

By being responsible for your beliefs and habits – which are the things that determine your actions.

Beliefs – are the things that get you going and taking action, even though you still don’t see any results from those actions (you believe that running every day will get you to lose weight, or that making videos will help your business grow)

Habits – are actions you’ve taken many times again and again, until you got used to them, and started doing them automatically. That’s when you daily visit to the gym becomes effortless, and you don’t have to force yourself to do that anymore.

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So – whenever we want to achieve something new we haven’t done before, the steps are simple:

STEP #1: Decide exactly what you want, using your imagination, login and analytic abilities – all existing within your conscious mind.

STEP #2: Once we know what we want – it’s time to “set it up” and get ourselves to start takign action – using out subconscious mind.

I like to call this method: Re-wiring our brain for success.

The full process of re-wiring your brain for success

So – let’s dig into the actual process.

Let’s say you want to make a change in your life:

To start a successful business, to grow your current business, to lose weight, learn to control stress or anything else.

Here’s the full step-by-step process to do that, using your conscious and sub-conscious brain:

STEP #1: Create a powerful description of what you want

Create a clear and super-detailed vision of what you want to achieve. Write it down on a piece of paper, in your journal or on your phone, and keep it somewhere within reach.

You have to be super clear about what you want – use specific numbers, dates locations.

For example: If you want to start a successful business and make money – say:

“I have a very successful wedding-dress studio. I serve more than 100 clients per month and make over $100,000 a year. My clients adore me, and I them”.

STEP #2: Make a list of new, powerful affirmations (to create belief)

Now that you’ve used your conscious mind to understand and define exactly what you want –

It’s time to make sure that your sub-conscious minds holds beliefs that will support you in achieving those goals.

we do that by creating a list of powerful affirmations that you will repeat again and again, until they’ll stick to your sub-conscious mind, and become genuine beliefs that you hold.

If you won’t do this – the chances of you to follow through on your new goals for long enough to see results are slim-to-none.

So – if you want to build a successful online empire – your beliefs about yourself and your chances t success have to match what you are trying to build. Otherwise – you’ll be in constant battle with yourself, and won’t go anywhere.

Examples of positive affirmation:

  • I’m a smart and sophisticated business-woman
  • I attract incredible clients that I love working with
  • I’m 100% confident in my abilities
  • I have everything that I need to make all my dreams come true

STEP #3: Creating emotional enchors

One of the coolest NLP shortcuts to make a belief “stick” faster – is to connect it to a powerful, and super-empowering emotional experience you’ve once had in the past.

The trick is simple: Think about a past moment in your life, where you felt a rush of emotion very similar to the one you’re trying to achieve with your belief.

(If you want to develop a belief of being successful – think of a moment in your life where you felt successful, proud or accomplished)

STEP #4: Creating a visual aid – vision board time!

It’s time to get to the fun part – creating a powerful visual representation of the stuff you wanna achieve.

In general – we, humans, are visual creatures, and so – visual aids are super handy when it comes to influencing our minds.

My 2 favorite ways of creating a vision board are:

  • A physical vision board – grab a pin board, and fill it with pics and words of stuff that you want to achieve.
  • A digital vision board – open any simple video program you have on your computer, and create a mini movie with the images of the stuff you want to achieve. i like to add cool, motivating music to it to make the experience even more powerful.

Remember: the more senses you use for your vision board (vision, sound, smell, touch etc) – the more powerful they will be.

STEP #5: Establish a regular morning/night routine

Now that you have your vision, affirmations, a powerful anchor and a vision board, it’s time to create a powerful morning and/or night routine that you’ll d every day, and that will help re-wire your brain for success every single day.

The routine goes like this – every morning, as soon as you wake up (and every night – before you go to sleep), you follow this practice:

  1. Meditation – Start each morning with a few minutes of meditation. 5-10 should be great to start with.
  2. Vision – after meditating, keep sitting with your eyes closed, and imagine a mental image or a movie of the vision you’ve created in step #1. You can use the vision board or the viison-movie you’ve created in step #4.
  3. Affirmation – after that is over – it’s affirmations time. Spend a few minutes picturing your anchor experience (from step #3) – and then repeating your daily affirmation (step #2).

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That’s it.

Your routine shouldn’t take long – for me it takes about 10 minutes a day, and you can adjust according to your schedule.

The rule of thumb is simple: even 5 minutes of practice are better then none. so do it daily, and follow your progress patiently.


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What to do now? Where should you start implementing the book in your life?

Use the brain-rewiring process I’ve listed above, and follow it to a tee – step by step.

Do this daily routine for at least 30 days straight (without missing a day) – and see how your life changes.

P.S – what to do if it all feels weird?

I can pretty much guarantee that if this is your first time doing something like this – you WILL feel weird. and awkward. You’ll probably feel like you’re lying to yourself, and have a difficult time adjusting to your new routine.

Know that this is normal, and only a part of the process. Our brain does NOT react to changes well, and will do anything it can to prevent them from happening.

So just keep going, for at least 30 days straight – and then start evaluating how you feel.

From my experience – you’ll be amazed.



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Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal: to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal:
to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

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