Creating and selling digital information products online is one of my favorite ways for creating passive income streams for my business.

The idea here is that you package your knowledge or expertise about a certain topic into a product (like an ebook, a course, a membership and more) and sell it online just like any physical product.

This type of passive income idea can be great for you especially if you are:

1. Offering a service (like coaching, consulting, video editing, graphic design and more) and would like to separate your income from the amount of hours you have to work

2. If you have experience in achieving something (like losing weight, creating fabulous hairstyles, doing amazing nail art and more) - and can share the how-to of this with other people.

This type of passive income is perfect for beginners, as well as for advanced professionals.

In this video I’ll cover:
1. What exactly are digital information products
2. The different types of digital information products
3. How much can you sell a digital information product you just created for
4. An easy way to begin selling your information product - as soon as this weekend!

Enjoy, and leave me your questions below ❤️

- xx, Nataliya.

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