Lately quite a few of my clients were considering changing the platform on which they build their website into a better one,

And the question most of them asked me was, “Should I use WordPress to build my website?”

So, if you’re not sure whether your should use WordPress to build your website,
or some other platform like: Squarespace, Wix, Clickfunnels, Showit, etc – This video is for you.

In this video you’ll discover:

♡ What is the main difference between WordPress and other platforms - that makes all the difference for your business or brand

♡ 5 reasons I believe most people should use WordPress for their websites

♡ 3 situations when you SHOULD NOT use WordPress

- xx, Nataliya.

📚 Tools & Resources mentioned

♡ Best website builder to use with WordPress:

♡ Get 14 days free trial to Clickfunnels:

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