If you’re feeling kinda down, depressed or unmotivated,
you came to the right place...

...Because we’re about to do a short and fun guided mini-meditation that will help you let go of bad, low-vibe emotions (like fear, anxiety, resentment, or unnecessary worry) that simply don’t serve you…

...And instead -
welcome positive emotions that will raise your vibration, and make you feel better - So you can go about your day feeling positive, light and uplifted.

All you’re gonna need for this session is:
- A quiet space where you can be alone for the next five minutes
- A comfy seat - on a chair, on your bed, or on the floor against the wall
- And some headphones or earphones because these are gonna help you concentrate.

So get comfy, put your headphones on, and let’s begin.

- xo, Nataliya.

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