You know how you can:
✅ Work your butt off, 
✅ Hit a high income month, 

...but then burn out and slide back to where you started?

Happened to me. More than once.

Like that one month I brought in $46,778 but had to work on a Saturday (my NO-WORK-ALLOWED day). 

Or the month when I made $72,942 but was so stressed, I had two anxiety attacks in one day.

What I'll prove by the end of this newsletter is simple:
Hard work as a key to success is a lie.

Hard work wasn't the key to those big earnings. 
And it won't help you become successful.

It's more likely to trap you on that hamster wheel we'd both give anything to escape.

So, what can create high income while maintaining your freedom?
After 10+ years in business, I finally realized it.

The #1 thing that will determine your income is the value you create for your clients and customers.

And guess what?
You can do this without investing hardly any time at all.

How? Easier than you think.

Here are 4 components that will allow you to grow your income without falling for the 40+ hour work week trap:

⏳ Zero time income generator #1: SOPs

You know how every time you have client work, you switch on your laptop and start from scratch?

That's where SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) step in.

SOPs are when you document every step you normally take for a client or employee.

With this, anyone, even non-experts, can provide value to your client without you doing the work.

For example:

Let's say you run Facebook ads for real estate agencies.

On a workday, you have a set process to check your ads, analyze data, and optimize them.

What if you document this process, step by step?

Even a rookie with zero Facebook ads knowledge could optimize a campaign.

All you'd do is oversee and ensure no steps are skipped.

And guess what?
Even supervision can be automated 😉

⏳ Zero time income generator #2: DNAs

Ever faced a task and thought how you'd love to skip the part where you start from scratch?

DNAs are your solution.

These are templates you use again and again, so you never have to start from zero.

For example:

Say you run a social media agency making Instagram stories for business owners.

You could create “Story Templates” you can tweak and use repeatedly.

This saves you a heap of time, as well as will create better results for your clients.

⏳ Zero time income generator #3: Automation tools

Did you know that research says about 30% of your work time is invested in pulling data, or communicating it to other people?

That’s nearly 12 hours per week!

Automation tools can save that time.

Like my favorite one, Airtable.
It's like an Excel sheet on steroids.

It does the heavy lifting through automations.

For example:

Let’s say you’re an event planner , and need to notify your local balloon supplier exactly 5 days before each event.

You can set an automatic email to your balloon supplier five days before each event.

All the details, approvals, etc — managed without you lifting a finger.

Now multiply that by any other supplier you need to work with as part of your event —

and you’ll be saving a ton of time you can use to grow your business more, or just chill.

⏳ Zero time income generator #4: Hiring a capable VA

Hiring used to be a long and painful process.
Not anymore.

With websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others, you can hire skilled virtual assistants who can help run your business seamlessly at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work? You hire people who live abroad.

Places like India, Brazil, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe offer highly capable people happy to work with you for way less money than even your zero-experience, 18 year old niece would charge.

Will you need SOPs and DNAs to work well with them? 
Yes, but the same goes if you hire back home.

Hiring is about people, not locations.

Embrace the new opportunities you have today.
Stop working like your parents did.
It’s so 1996.

To your freedom and success 🥂
- Nataliya.

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