In this issue you’ll learn how to overcome the 3 most popular mistakes people make that hold them back from becoming high-earners in this new, digital economy.

The opportunities are endless.

Brake the chains that hold you back and begin creating the life you truly want.

Here’s how.

There are 3 main mistakes I keep seeing in my clients that hold them back from surpassing average earnings, and becoming high earners.

So in this issue, I'm going to explain how to avoid and overcome those common mistakes,

so you can elevate your income and rise above the average US household earnings.

But before I do, some statistics:

Did you know that the average income in the USA is only $4,588 a month?

This figure makes me cringe.

If only people knew they can literally:

✅ Start a business today,

✅ Secure 4 clients in 30 days (each paying $2,500/month),

✅ and begin earning $10,000/month by working 6 hours a week

Achieving high-earner status and embracing the extraordinary life that money can give you has never been more achievable than it is today.

But to do that, you ‘ll need to conquer the 3 most popular mistakes that hold people back from doing just that.

Let’s break them down:

☠️ Mistake 1: You’re trapped in old Money Drama

Your money drama is a term for all the income-related tricks your mind is playing on you, causing you to self-sabotage and hold yourself back from earning more.

Generally speaking, it’s the #1 most common mistake I see my clients falling for, and the most difficult one to escape.

More often than not, it manifests as one of the following three issues:

  • You’re afraid you won’t be able to handle large sums of money.
  • You lack self belief in your ability to earn large sums of money
  • You believe earning money is wrong and will make you a bad person

Solving this is easy… But you’ll need to be willing to accept one hard truth:

If you’ve been dealing with Money Drama, it means you’ve been focusing too much on yourself:

What YOU want. What YOU deserve.

You’ve been doing it for so long… you forgot to focus on the one person that really matters: Your customer.

You need to shift the perspective from yourself to your customer.

From selfishness to service.

This is not some woo-woo BS. This is real.


Because once you realize:

✅ You have something to give that can help others (your experience, skills, talent etc)….

✅ And by not doing everything you can to put it in their hands — you are hurting them and preventing them from finding the solution they are looking for….

Everything will change for you.

🪙 Let’s drop your penny with a quick example:

Let’s say I’m an aspiring personal trainer who wants to help people lose weight and get into shape.

I could….

❌ Get stuck in my own head,

❌ Telling myself stories of how inexperienced I am.

❌ How much of an imposter I am.

In short, “Me, me, me”.

OR —

I can realize that I have the potential to help my clients get over guilt, shame, and self-loathing they’ve been carrying for years.

These are things that are costing them relationships, freedom, their health, and their ability to enjoy life.

Am I really that selfish as to not do everything I can to help them, just because of some old money drama?

Some food for thought for you here.

☠️ Mistake 2: You’re underpricing your work

This is when you’re trapped selling low-cost offers or underpricing the offers you currently have.

For example:

Think about a personal stylist who sells consultation meetings for $150 to help her clients figure out what clothes they should wear to better flatter their figure.

To make $100,000/year from that business she will need to work 667 hours!

Not to mention she’ll never be able to scale because she’ll burn out.

So what should she (and you) do instead? Easy.

You need to work on crystalizing your messaging and crafting a high-end offer that will:

✅ Resonate with your audience

✅ Utilize your full set of skills, knowledge and experience

✅ And provide more value to your customer than your low-cost offer.


Offering high-end services is NOT about taking what you already have and merely slapping an exorbitant, premium price on it.

It’s about using your skills and creativity to construct an offer that will provide even more value to the segment of your customers willing to pay for it.

🪙 Let’s drop your penny with a quick example:

Remember that stylist we mentioned, who sells $150 consultation meetings to help her clients figure out what clothes they should wear to better flatter their figure?

What if she decides to upper the value she offers her clients, and offer a small segment of her audience (high-end professionals) with the following offer:

A full-day shopping spree to assemble a brand-new wardrobe that will:
✨ Sky-high their confidence
✨ And allow them to show up for their business as their most attractive and confident selves?

High end professionals (me included!) will jump on that offer. 

Zero hesitation.

☠️ Mistake 3: You’re invisible online, and afraid to sell your offers

Finally, there's the invisibility trap.

This is when you’re scared to show-up online, and even more afraid to promote your offer to any potential leads.

As a result, your energy starts exuding desperation and fear, turning every post or client call into a full-day drama episode.

The solution to this?

Stop being hard on yourself, and simply realize you have something to learn in the marketing and sales department:

Specifically, you need to:

✅ Establish a system for regular posting on social media

✅ Master a fool-proof sales script that will close 7 out of 10 client calls with ease.

✅ And design a high-end enrollment experience for your clients.

This is about understanding, once again, that appearing online and selling your offers isn't about you:

It’s so your target audience, the people who need your help, can see you.

Because if nobody knows who you are, how the F can they buy from you??

Want a summary? Here’s the TL;DR :

There are three main mistakes I keep seeing in my clients that hold them back from becoming a high earner:

  • 1) Money Drama - This is when your mind is playing tricks on you, causing you to self-sabotage and hold yourself back from earning more.
  • 2) Underpricing your work - This is when you’re trapped selling low-cost offers or underpricing the offers you currently have.
  • 3) You’re invisible online - This is when you’re terrified to appear online, and even more to sell your offer to any potential lead.

Solve these 3 mistakes and challenges using the tactics I showed you, and soon you’ll be striding past the crowd, not just earning more, but living a more fulfilling, enriched life.

Imagine the satisfaction of:

✅ Breaking free under-earnings,
✅ Securing high-paying clients who value your worth,
✅ And making a meaningful impact through your work.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Well, this isn't just some theoretical dream.

It's possible, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

And that's the truth bomb for this week.

Join me next Saturday for another edition of the Digital CEO newsletter,
where we'll dive deeper into another topic that will transform your financial journey.

Until then, keep pushing boundaries and shattering limits!

  • xx, Nataliya.

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