2024 has reshuffled all of the cards. 

All the rules have been re-written. 

You are now required to play at a level higher than ever before.

This email will show you how to win in 2024.

Read it carefully.

I took some time off towards the end of 2023.

It gave me some space to carefully observe the current landscape of online business and make some predictions.

Watching closely, I’ve noticed many talented entrepreneurs hustling hard, but getting nowhere:

  • Content creating into a void.
  • Launching offers to crickets.
  • Pouring money into ads and watching is vaporize

If that’s you, read on.
This newsletter is for you.

The truth is the online business landscape has fundamentally shifted.

What used to work even 3 years ago — is now ineffective:

  • Growing organically requires 10x more effort today
  • Launching offers is more challenging than ever with attention spans shrunk making
  • Ad cost is at an all-times high, making it easier to through money into a bottomless pit.
  • High-ticket offers stopped converting, as audiences have been burned too many times from fake gurus over-promising.

This is not about surface-level “business change”.

This is about the online business model maturing, taking the easy wins of 2019 to a sophisticated new standard.

And it’s not only beginners suffering — even experts must adapt or fall behind.

Last year I consulted multiple 8 and 9 figure CEOs (whose companies make $100 million dollars a year and more).

They all asked me similar questions:

  • "Why did my ads stop working?"
  • "Why don't my launches convert anymore?"
  • "How do I win in 2024 and beyond?"

I helped them crack today's code so their businesses could thrive again. 

Today I want to help you do the same.

Their success proves that with the right strategy —  you CAN build a wildly profitable business, even when things feel stacked against you.

So grab a notebook and pay close attention.

This revamped business model will...

  • Free you from being a slave to content creation and the whims of algorithms social media platforms
  • Help you to grow your audience and income predictably every single month
  • Make it 10X easier to sell your premium offers
  • Allow you to profitably scale your offers and advertising

In 2024 you want to upgrade your business strategy to a powerful “Front-Back” framework.

In short, the “Front-Back Business Model” uses advertising to acquire new customers with low-priced introductory offers.

Once you get customers and build trust with them — you ascend them into higher priced backend products for long-term profits.

Maxime their lifetime value.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Grow your audience and customer list using ads to low-cost intro offers.

I call these “front end offers”.

Think: mini-course, starter guide, ebook, workshop.

It should be priced low. For most markets — under $100.

The goal of your front-end offers is to allow new people to experience working with you, without having to commit to an expensive offer.

You win when you create a steady, predictable stream of new customers, while covering all your advertising costs.

Step 2: Guide your new customers into your back-end, more expensive offer

Once someone buys a front-end offer from you —  they're immediately 10X more likely to join your premium offer.

I call it your "back-end offer". 

This can be a:

  • Higher-priced course,
  • Membership,
  • Coaching package,
  • Done-for-you service.

Since all these "back-end" buyers came through front-end offers who already covered your advertising costs — 

This is where your business will start making real money.

Step 3: Ascend your customers from one back-end offer to the next

Over time, you’ll have multiple premium, back-end offers available.

I call this your Back-End Offer Suite. 

Your goal at this stage is to have a customer who already bough a back-end offer —

To buy another one. And then another one.

The better you get at doing this — The more profitable your business becomes.

This business model will transform your business and make it predictably profitable and growing.

You'll no longer care about the rocky economy or flaky algorithms...

...and can just focus on growing your front-end and your back-end product suits to empire-levels.

You deserve it. You can have it.

Now let's make it happen for you.

- Nataliya.

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