I’m tired of working hard.

She came to me ready to give up.

About to throw everything she’s built in the last 6 years down the drain.

“I can’t do this anymore, Nataliya”, she said.

“I’m working my butt off.
Day in and day out.
Meetings. Clients. Projects. Deadlines.

But online, I see kids making millions off of Instagram.
Like it’s nothing.
Selling small digital courses, and working a fraction of the time I do.

I want to stop what I’m doing, and do the same.
Sell only small digital products.”

She’s been working hard.
Building the multiple six-figure business she thought she wanted.

But now?
She finally realized what she really built.

A golden cage.

A business that earns her money, but doesn’t earn her freedom.

And it’s killing her.

She thought she could come to me for consultation and I’ll tell her what she wants to hear.

Something like:
“Don’t worry. Sure, we can build you a system of low-price products. and you can live happily ever after”.

But please.

Throwing it all away because of a few Stripe screenshots on Instagram?

I spend my days looking at the sales dashboards of some of the leading entrepreneurs in the world.

And building a low-tier digital product business that’s based entirely on organic Instagram sales is NOT how you build long-term, stable business.

I thought she knew better than that.

“I’m happy you came to me”, I said.

And then I shared the truth:

She’s built an incredible business.
But right now, it’s just not designed to fit the lifestyle she wants to live anymore.

It’s reliant on her expertise and experience, rather than being systemized to duplicate and auto-deliver it.

So the solution is not to throw it all away,
just to start from zero again.

The solution is to systemize the business, so it won’t depend on her own time anymore.

So the business can be ran by her guidance, not her energy.

Yes, we can (and will) add low tier digital products to her business.

Every business needs them.

But we’ll use them to fuel her existing success and growth. Not replace it.

To bring more paying customers through the door on auto-pilot,
so we can monetize them systematically on the backend.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Systemize your current service delivery

Take your high-ticket offer, and build a replicable “here’s how I do it, step by step” "SOP",

so anyone can deliver your service, even if they don’t have your expertise.

Think of it like a step-by-step checklist detailing every aspect of what you do with clients, so even a non-experienced person can follow it and gain results.

Step 2: Build a small, outsourced team to deliver it

Now it’s time to build a small team that can deliver your service without you being there.

I love to work with people from non-dollar/euro countries:
Philippines, Eastern-Europe. Latin America.

They’re smart. Capable. Hungry to succeed.

And their country’s currency is weaker, allowing us to pay them well, without having to pay American or European salaries.

Your newly-forged team will follow the SOP you architected to a tee,
while you’ll be drinking your coffee and overlooking from above:

Making sure things are running smoothly.
and making tweaks to the process

Step 3: Build a strong “back end” offer-suite to maximize each client’s value

You might think your service is all you can offer, but that’s rarely the case.


design a suit of premium, back-end offers you can offer to your existing clients.

It will make each client worth its weight to you in gold.

Step 4: Explode your business with low-ticket front end offers

Now that you have a system to maximize profits,
and you’re hardly working anymore,

it’s time to explode the business:

So come up with a best-selling low-ticket digital product that will allow you to fuel your profit system with thousands of new clients.

Some ads, some optimization,
and watch your business explode while you’re enjoying the view.


do not make rush business decisions based on a low-level emotional states.

And especially not based on some viral tik-tok videos.

Always put your strategy as top priority,
and think how to adjust and grow what you already have to fit your lifestyle.


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