Ever find yourself drowning in to-do lists, yet somehow your business feels stuck? 

Yup. Been there.

One of the main reasons people come and work with me as a business mentor is because they feel like the growth of their business has stalled. 

I hear this all the time:
“I have so many things I’m doing, how come my business isn’t growing?”

My answer? Your focus is off.

Because when you’re doing “everything” — You are, in fact, doing nothing.

Solving this is easy, though.

What you need to do is dedicate one focused hour a week for a weekly alignment meeting.

You will take this meeting either with your team (if you have one) 
or with 

This meeting will allow you to: 

✅ Gain Clarity and align on your current goals
✅ Set clear prioritization
✅ Automate your business to work without you
✅ Remove all the stress from your business
✅ And begin moving forward in light speed

Here’s the ultimate meeting structure I like to use to do just that:

🤝 Step 1: Review this week's live Items

One of the main things that hold your business’s progress back is a vague idea of tasks and priorities.

This causes confusion, and is hurting your ability to get stuff done.

So from now on?

I want you to begin each meeting with getting a feel of the week ahead:

what content is being posted ; what launches are happening, ; any events.

Doing this weekly will allow you to keep your hand on the pulse of your business’s day-to-day,

and set clear priorities on where your and your team’s focus should be at right now.

Plus, it will allow you to be on top of everything happening in your business without having to waster your time:

❌ Reading DMs, 
❌ Participating in chats or any ongoing conversations happening in your Slack or project management tool.

Practical tip:
Open a google doc where you’ll document each week’s meeting.

Inside you’ll have:

  • Your meeting’s date
  • Your meeting’s agenda (what you’re going to discuss)
  • Notes and stuff you agreed on during the meeting
  • And your and your team’s to-dos

Here’s how it looks like for me:

PIC: Weekly agenda table

🤝 Step 2: Identify and resolve bottlenecks

As you go through your weekly agenda, all kinds of problems and issues will rise up.

I call these “bottlenecks” —

Problems,  and unclear items that slow down progress.

Ignoring these is the thing that causes your business to move like a snail.

Your goal in the meeting is to bring up any of those bottle necks, and set clear tasks for yourself or other people that will help this bottle neck get solved.

Practical tip:
Document all the solutions to your bottle necks as “to do” items for the relevant people involved.

Then, after the meeting — 
you and each team member will go over their tasks, making sure all the bottle necks are resolved and out of the way.

🤝 Step 3: Discuss the next system being built

Lastly, my favorite item.

Now that your business’s day-to-day is handled,
your final task is to move forward with creating systems.

These will make sure your business keeps growing and is able to work and generate revenue without you.

Here’s what I mean:

Think of your business as a car engine, made up of different mini-system. Like a puzzle.

But instead of having a cooling system, fuel system, air intake system?
Your business has “departments”:

🧩 Marketing,
🧩 Sales,
🧩 Client management,
🧩 Product development, etc.

Within each department you have "mini-system".

For example, in marketing

you have an automated email sequence that follows up with any new lead, getting them to set up a meeting with you.

When all these mini-systems run smoothly — your business runs smoothly without you lifting a finger.

So, in each weekly meeting —

make sure you discuss the next piece of the puzzle you're working on and are installing in your business.

  • Is it a new type of content that needs to go out regularly?
  • Is it integrating chat-bots into your customer communication journey?
  • Is it a new email follow-up system?

This focused discussion helps you continuously build and improve your business, piece by piece.

That’s all for this week.

Try this meeting structure out, whether you have a team already or not.

It’s the key that will allow you to move forward and achieve your goals faster.

- xx, Nataliya.

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