The “hard skills” of yesteryear are quickly becoming irrelevant. So where should you invest your time in to guarantee your success in the future economy?

“Work on your social media" predicts a $100 million dollar CEO.

Here’s how, explained in 6 simple steps.

A little while ago I participated in a mastermind by a well known CEO who runs one of the most innovative and progressive companies on the planet.

His company catapulted from a $1 million dollar to about $100 million dollars of annual revenue in record time, and is on track to earn a billion in a few short years.

On the call, he shared one of the moves he made that helped him do that. 

My jaw dropped about 10 cm below my chin when I heard this:

“Want to succeed in the future, AI based economy?” he asked, “…Then work on your social media. You need to become so magnetic online that no one can ignore you, and so everyone would want to work with you”.

In other words…

Succeeding in the future, AI based economy it’s no longer about who you know. It’s about who knows you.

Mind, this is not about mastering the algorithm of Instagram or Youtube and gaining millions of followers.

(although we did use what I’m about to share to grow one of my partner’s social account to over 700,000 followers)

Rather, it’s about becoming a magnetic character that people grow to like, trust, and eventually… want to pay to work with.

And the most recent experiments I’ve had with my marketing clients proved:

Using this method, it only takes about 1000 followers for you to begin landing clients and making money.

Unfortunately, most people are sleeping on their watch.

They choose to dig their heads in the sand and ignore how rapidly the world is changing.
Spend all their time consuming content on social media… instead of creating it.

They choose to be led, instead of lead.

Don’t let that be you.

Each day the level of the game is rising, and growing on social media become more difficult.

Take advanced of the opportunity now, so in a year from now you will have the ability to choose:

  • Choose which business you want to grow, because you’ll be able to sell anything to the loyal audience you’ve built
  • Choose how much you want to earn, because you will have no competition as most people are no-bodies that nobody knows
  • Choose what lifestyle you want to live, as you’ll have a skillset that will allow you VIP treatment wherever you go.

In this newsletter I'll share with you the 6 non-negotiable skills you must master to become completely magnetic online, so people would want to pay to work with you, and you alone.

Let’s get into it.

🟣 Skill #1: Dress the part

Your appearance is crucial because it's the first impression you make.

And before you think this is superficial, and that people shouldn’t judge you by how you look — 

Know that people are going to do that anyway. So you might as well play the game.

Now, look.

When I say “invest in your appearance” I don’t mean you have to aspire to look like a super-model, or to dress in Gucci or Prada just to impress people.

Rather, it’s about making sure your appearance does not turn people off from listening to what you have to say.

So what does that mean, practically?

It means you need to look clean, presentable, and most importantly: aligned with your brand.

Here are a few examples:

  • A fitness influencer? Wear comfy, workout ready clothes. Minus the sweat.
  • A fashion influencer? Step up and always be on trend. Make up is required, yes.
  • A business consultant? Skip the torn, college shirt, and go for a slightly more elegant look.

Doing this will help people trust you more, and move one step closer to wanting to work with you.

🟣 Skill #2: Talk So a 5-Year-Old Gets It

I see way to many business owners and experts in their field talking over the audience’s heads.

They may think they sound smart, but in reality?

They just sabotage their changes of landing a client or a sale. Because if a person cannot understand you, how can they buy from you?

Instead, aim to always talk so a 10 year old or a complete beginner gets it.

Want a cool tip?

When trying to explain a complex technical term, use the “Kinda like” rule.

So if I want to explain what a quantum computer is, i’ll say:

“A quantum computer is kinda like a super strong computer that can solve really hard problems much faster than normal computers.”

Basic? yes.

But does it work better to land clients and sales? Absolutely.

🟣 Skill #3: Facts Are Boring. Tell Stories instead.

Sharing stories, not just facts, makes your message more engaging and memorable.

There’s nothing worst than an influencer that explains things to you like you're sitting in a boring, academic class.

Remember the beginning of this email?

I told you the story of how I participated in a mastermind with a top-level CEO. So much more interested than starting the email with “social media is important for the future”, isn’t it?

Aim for your story to take about 60% of your content, and the factual information 40%.

This will help people stay engaged, and remember you and your content.

🟣 Skill #4: Act human. There are plenty of robots nowadays.

About 70% of your communication is non verbal.
So when you say something, don't’ just say it.

Perform it.

Learn to use your hands, expressions, and voice to make your message come alive.

Now, I don’t mean Broadway-acting alive.
This is not about trying to be someone you’re not.

Just imagine you’re actually excited about what you have to say.
This will help other people to feel the same, and remember you for that.

Quick tip:
Invest in a couple of acting lessons or spend a couple hours googling “Acting tips” on Youtube.

You won’t believe the difference it will make in your audience’s level of engagement.

🟣 Skill #5: Learn to Recognize a Good Script

Your communication online happens through a text-flow.

This can be a video, a reel, an ad, a post.

And even through today you have tools like ChatGPT to help you write scripts — you still need to be the one to judge whether a certain script is any good.

Does it sound natural? Is it engaging? Does it communicate your message clearly?

You need to answer these questions to ensure your content is high quality.

🟣 Skill #6: Develop Your X Factor

Being likable is the first step towards winning trust and eventually influencing people's decisions.

Because in a world where choices are as plentiful as Netflix series —
people are going to follow and buy from those they genuinely vibe with.

People are buying from people, not faceless companies.

Here's a little secret:

People are going to judge whether they like you or not after 30 seconds of listening to you. Sometimes less.

It's your job to win them over, to entice them with your authenticity, energy, and passion.

This is your X factor. Your charisma. Your secret weapon.

And the best part is —

it’s something you can work on and improve.

Even if you weren’t born with it.

Start simple:

Google "how to become more charismatic" and spend a few hours studying. 

Then, take a point or two and use them in your next content piece. See how it changes your results.

Want a summary? Here’s the TL;DR :

Working on your communication skills and your social media is one of the most important skills you need to master to thrive in the future economy.

Start with these 6 skillsets:

  1. Dress to Impress: Stay clean and elegant. Your style should resonate with the topic you're trying to sell.
  2. Speak Clearly & Simply: Express yourself in a language that even a total beginner can understand. Remember to maintain a good pace and tone.
  3. Master Storyselling: Share captivating stories to communicate ideas. Aim for a 60:40 story-to-content ratio to keep your audience engaged.
  4. Use Effective Body Language & Facial Expressions: Make your communication lively and interesting by using your hands, adding facial expressions, and demonstrating energy.
  5. Recognize & Write Good Scripts: Be the judge of what makes a good video script. Practice writing and critiquing your own scripts.
  6. Radiate Charisma & Likeability: Win over your audience within the first 30 seconds with your authenticity, energy, and passion. Learn how to enhance your charisma by researching and applying new strategies in your content.

That’s it for today.
See you next week!

- Nataliya

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