If you think you need a ton of money to quit your job and become financially free… think again.

In this vid I break down THE TRUTH about financial freedom, and why it’s SO much closer than you think!

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You know how you keep seeing images and videos, displaying “financial freedom” as being a super-millionaire, tanning on a yacht, and driving around Italy in your orange, convertible Lamborghini?

Yeah, that’s NOT what financial freedom is all about…

…And thinking that this kind of lifestyle is your goal from the get go – will only put immense pressure on you, and get you to fall pray to the “make a million bucks in 7 minutes” wolves.

Eventually… after going into an endless loop of webinars and overly-priced video courses – you’ll end up giving up, and getting back to the exact point where you first got started.

So, how do you avoid it?

Simple – I want you to start your journey with a different definition of “financial freedom”:

The freedom to choose how you’re gonna live your life:

  • The freedom to quit your 9-5 and become your own boss
  • The freedom to live (and work from) anywhere in the world
  • The freedom to work on your own schedule
  • The freedom to spend more time with your family and friends

To make things more clear, I like to call this typa freedom “Financial Independence”

…Because it means making enough money independently, on your own, so you can choose the type of lifestyle you want to live (without having to depend on your boss, or on the economy).

The Secret To Achieving Financial Independence

In order to achieve financial independence – only one thing has to happen:
You gotta be able to bring in more money that you take out.

In other words:

You need to be making $1 more than your monthly expenses.

So, for example:

If your monthly expenses are $2,500/month (including rent, food, your car etc.) – then you need to be able to bring in $2,501 on your own, every month.

I like to call this “goals number” (your total amount of your monthly expenses + $1) – “Your Freedom Number”

…Because once you learn how to make that sum on your own – you’re free. Forever.

Free to never have a job again. Free to live anywhere. Free to be your own boss.

Your Freedom Number = Your first and most important income goal.

It’s how much money should you be making from your own online business in order to cover your monthly living expenses.

Pretty simple, huh?

Light bulb moment:

The higher your monthly living expenses are… the harder it will be for you to get to the point where you can afford to quit your job.

So, if currently you’re living in an expensive place (Like NYC for example) – You should probably consider making life easier for yourself, by calculating the freedom number you’ll need for living in a cheaper location.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, let me tell you what my first freedom number was back in the day:

My fantasy has always been to live and work by the beach, with sand in my toes, and a fresh, chilly, coconut next to me.

After doing some research online, I realized that living in a cute house by the beach in an inexpensive country (like Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico etc) should only be around $2,000.

(That includes everything: rent, food, utilities, renting a scooter and having fun.)

From personal experience I can now tell you that it’s 100% true:

You can live very well anywhere outside of the “western world” for as little as $2000/month, and even less.

Just think about it…. ?

– xoxo, Nataliya.

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Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal: to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal:
to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

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