Today we’re discussing your website.
And more specifically –

In this day and age of youtube, FB and IG –

Should you even have one…
or should you simply stick to social media?


So – if you’re on the fence about investing
any time or money into your own website,
This is the video for you,

So – let’s do this:

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Lemme guess – you started your own business, or maybe got to working on your personal brand…

Got that little Facebook, or Youtube or Instagram thing going on…

…And you’re happy. Stuff’s really starting to happen for you.

But now, after a while, it’s time to decide – should you have your own website?

Decision time – Do you really need a website?

I mean… It is gonna take a little while, and probably a few bucks.

So the question is – Is it really worth it?

Yeah. You’re not alone in this.
In fact – this is how my inbox and DM usually look like:

  • “Nataliya – I have my social media accounts. should I REALLY have a website?”
  • “Nataliya – How does a website fit into the big picture of my business?”
  • “Nataliya – Can having my own website help me make more money?”

So, to answer all of you’ll questions –

You do need a website, and here’s exactly why:

Why do you need a website?

In the grand scheme of things…
(You know, like – the bigger picture of your brand or business -)

Your website is there to make you money.

You know – cash dollars. Dough. Bacon. Benjamins.

It’s your shop. Your store. Your office space.

And – if you’re gonna play your cards right –

It can become your best, #1 unpaid sales-person EVER, and sell your products, services (and even land brand deals and endorsements) –  FOR YOU.…. So you won’t have to.

Here’s  short story to explain how it works in real life

Let’s take a “Linda” for example.

Let’s say Linda is a health coach, and she’s working hard on
Building an awesome fan base on IG –

by posting Amazing pictures of beautiful,
vegan, buddha bowls.

Her IG is awesome, cuz that’s how
people first find out about her.

But –

it’s NOT exactly the best place to go deep on what she does,
how exactly her coaching program works,
And how much she charges for it, right?

Cuz social media is not built for selling –
it’s built for creating connections, and building communities.

And I’m sure you can remember at least one person you’ve un-followed,
simply cuz they got a little to excited about monetizing their IG or youtube.

It’s natural.

Because you didn’t come there to be sold to. You can to hand out. Get inspired.maybe make some new friends, or watch some cat videos.

That’s what we do in social media.

But –

Let’s say that one of Linda’s followers is “Brunhilda” the accountant –

And Broony has been feeling kinda bummed-out lately:

Why…? Because ever since her last pregnancy last summer…

She gained 30 extra pounds that simply won’t come off (no matter what she does),
and it causes her to feel self-conscious and depressed (which really affects her relationship with her husband).

So one day – Broony saw that Linda posted a new link on her Instagram profile –
A link of her website.

MMMM interesting.

Broony clicks on that link, And lands on Linda’s website.

And there, on the website – all. bets. are. off.

Because Linda’s website is her store, not a social network.

And in her store – Linda gets to pitch herself without turning people off, because people who go to your website – are potential customers. They expect to be sold to.

They ARE already thinking about working with you, and want to know more about you and what you do…

…So they came to your website to see what you got, and if it’s something that they want.

I like to think of social media as a dance club, and of your website – like your house.

So I won’t make any explicit moves on someone while we’re in public, on the dance floor, but when that pretty boy finds his way into my house – Mmmm. mmmm.

So here’s the right way to use your website to make money

Remember that when people come to your website, they wanna know:

  • Who you are, what’s your story?
  • What kind of programs or products do you offers?
  • How do they work? how much do you charges for them?
  • Do you have testimonials of happy, past clients?

Think about this for a minute:

Do you think Brunhilda-the-accountant will be able, or even want to, get all that information from Linda’s Instagram?

Yeah – I don’t think that pretty buddha bowls is the thing that will drive her over the edge to pay Linda the $5,000 fee she’s asking for her services.

So remember:

Use social networks to meet and greet people,
and let them know who you are…

And then – Use your website to take that relationship forward,
And to turn them into paying customers.

(yeah, that means to SELL THEM)

I got a whole, elaborated video all about how to sell through your website coming up later this week or next week.

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And now – about that free gift I promised you –

If you have your own business, or brand, and you don’t have a website yet,
or if your website looks horrible, turns people off, and you’re ashamed to show it to anyone –

I got an awesome, free website toolbox for you, with the exact tools you need to build your website on your own – the easy, smart and PROFITABLE WAY (without getting confused or overwhelmed by all the different options you got out there.)

You can download it for free in this link right here.

And of course, remember –


I’m gonna see you in the next video, and until then – Yalla bye!

– xoxo, Nataliya.

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Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal: to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal:
to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

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