So, how do I technically get peeps to sign up to my email list?

to do that you’ll have to get a subscription to an Autoresponder service.

What is that?

It’s a special techy-tool, that will help you collect and manage your peeps’ email addresses.

Why do I need it?

To get legit.

Legally-wise – you can’t just start collecting email addresses in an excel sheet
and then email your list out of a Gmail account.

That sh*t’s illegal, and orange is so-not the new black.

Instead – you gotta manage your list out of a tool that’s meant for this kinda work.

Besides… it can make you sales while your sleep.

more on that up next.

So what kind of autoresponder do you recommend I use?

Active Campaign. It’s the best autoresponder ever.

Why is it better that other autoresponders out there?

A few reasons:

Reason #1: it’s free to get started

and then super-cheap to get going. way cheaper than other basic autoresponders out there.

Reason #2: it’s simple to use

so you won’t be stuck in tech limbo,
trying to figure out why the tool is suddenly mad at you.

true story, btw.

Reason #3: you won’t have to replace it. ever.

you’re gonna love it when you’ll start using Active Campaign for more complex things as your business grows.

it can handle serious heavy-lifting (meaning super-cool automation tricks just like all the expensive autoresponders).

and yes. it can make you sales while you sleep.

totally my go-to tool
for everything email-list related.

Is there a free trial to test it out before I pay anything?

In a matter of fact – there is! You can give it a full free run for 14 days to see how you like it.

TIP: once the trial is over, you can start with a subscription as low as $9/month!

Here’s how: Go to ‘Billing & Upgrade’, and look for the ‘Lite Plan’ link at the bottom.
you’re welcome ?

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P.S. since I recommend Active Campaign to pretty much everyone I know – I signed up as their affiliate partner. it means that if you sign up through my link, I’ll get som’ cash dollars.

Check ’em out in this link right here. It’s totally free to get started.

A’ight, cool. So – what do I do now?

Two things:

TO-DO #1
Go ahead and sign up for a free account at Active Campaign.

TO-DO #2
Watch my free Active Campaign training, where i show you how to set up the system and a cool ninja trick you gotta know of!

sign up below to lemme know you wanna watch it and i’ll send it to you in a sec.



– xoxo, Nataliya.

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Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal: to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

Hey! I'm Nataliya.

I have one goal:
to help you design a life that allows you to earn a hefty income, and love what you do each day.

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